simon sinek

The “What, How, and Why” of the Smartwatch Arms Race

Recently, I re-discovered an old TED talk that happens to be a longtime favorite of mine. It’s by leadership expert Simon Sinek, and is his first TEDx talk, given in 2009. It also happens to be the third most popular video on the TED website. In it, he covers what he deems a fundamental element of leadership, as it relates to advertising and other industries: that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Today, The Idiot Economist explores how this methodology applies to the Smartwatch Arms Race, which has been brewing for some time but has finally come to a head with the announcement of the Apple Watch.



What the Apple Announcement Means for YOU

There are many people who are or will be greatly affected by the product announcements Apple made yesterday. Depending on your current smartphone platform, status as an early adopter or not, or involvement in a competitor company, your next few months could be anything from tech paradise to hell on earth.



Why You Should Share Your Content

Yahoo! has one. Facebook has one. Yelp has one (more detail below). Even TripAdvisor is starting to get in on the action. What am I talking about? APIs, or “Application Programming Interfaces”. In laymen’s terms, the tools that developers use to display other people’s content on their website or app. Or, to put it the way The Economist does, the digital tool that has exploded in recent years¬†and may affect how technology is used in the future.